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2017 NADRC:
Dementia Capability Assessment Tool

This assessment tool is designed to measure the dementia capability of the long-term services and supports in various organizations. The information resulting from this assessment will assist in measuring changes in dementia capability over time

Also: dementia-capability, staff training, identifying cognitive impairment, quality assurance, resource, service provision, assessments

File 2017 NADRC Dementia Capability Assessment

2018 NADRC
Evaluation Instruments

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PDF icon Caregiver Reaction Scale.pdf, PDF icon Caregiver Well-Being Scale--long.pdf, PDF icon Caregiver Well-Being Scale--short.pdf, PDF icon Dementia Crisis to Thriving Scale.pdf, PDF icon Financial_Planning_3-13-17_FINAL posted 031517.pdf, PDF icon Health_Care_Planning_3_13_17_FINAL posted 031517.pdf, PDF icon IDD and Dementia Knowledge Scale.pdf, PDF icon Making_Decisions_3_13_17_FINAL posted 031517.pdf, PDF icon Perceived change scale.pdf, PDF icon Planning_for_Care_3_13_17_FINAL posted 031517.pdf, PDF icon Sense of Competence in Dementia Care Staff (SCIDS).pdf, PDF icon Test for Severe Impairment.pdf

2018 NADRC:
Evaluating Dementia Services and Supports: Instrument Resource List
This list is intended to help providers of dementia-related services identify appropriate and well-researched measures in support of their program evaluation plans. Choosing existing measures saves time and lends credibility to evaluation findings. The use of standard measures also allows for greater comparability of results between projects.

This document gives ACL grantees and other providers of dementia services and supports a list of validated evaluation instruments measuring many characteristics and outcomes for persons with dementia, caregivers, and professionals.

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