2017 NADRC Presentations at ASA Aging in America Conference 2017 - Chicago, IL (ppt)

Advance Planning for People with Dementia and their Families
Presenters: Stephanie Hughes (NADRC), Erin Long (AoA/ACL), Christy Nishita (University of Hawaii), Charlie Sabatino (ABA)
Faith-Related Programs in Dementia Care, Support and Education
Presenters: Tracey Brown (Amazing Place), Erin Long (AoA/ACL), Patty Mouton (Alzheimer's Orange County), Sari Shuman (NADRC)
Living Alone with Dementia: Prevalence, Challenges and Strategies for Service Providers
Presenters: Michael Lepore (NADRC), Erin Long (AoA/ACL), Laura Mosqueda (USC), Liz Weaver (Southern Maine AAA)
Translating Evidence-Based Dementia Interventions to the Community
Presenters: Gayle Alston (Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving), Elizabeth Gould (NADRC), Nancy Lee (Minnesota Board on Aging), Erin Long (AoA/ACL), Katie Maslow (GSA), Heather Menne (ACL)