2015 NADRC:Care Transition Resource Guide

2015 NADRC:
Care Transition Resource Guide

This resource guide includes peer-reviewed literature and other resources related to various aspects of care transitions for people with dementia.
The movement of patients from one health care provider or setting to another as their health care condition and needs change is termed a care transition. Research has shown that during care transitions, patients, especially those at higher risk for rehospitalization such as people with dementia, can be subject to inadequate communication between providers in various settings, poor continuity of care, and limited access to services which can contribute to poor outcomes and less than optimal care. A growing body of research on care transitions and work in the field aims to improve these care transitions.

Also: Care Transitions: care management, care planning, continuity patient care, end of life, end-of-life, hospice, hospitalization, palliative, transition