Resources related to Behavior Symptoms of Dementia: Alzheimer’s Los Angeles

Resources related to Behavior Symptoms of Dementia

Alzheimer’s Los Angeles created IDEA! a simple three-step strategy designed to assist caregivers with understanding a specific behavior with individualized approaches for addressing it. IDEA! covers IDentify the problem/ challenging behavior, Explore the behavior, and Adjust your response.

Alzheimer’s Los Angeles also developed a series of plain language tip sheets for caregivers that complement the IDEA! strategy on various topics related to Alzheimer’s and related disorders, in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Topics include a range of issues such as bathing, communication, driving, hallucinations, medications, sundowning, and toileting. Materials use contact information available on Alzheimer’s Los Angeles webpage.

Keywords: behavior symptoms, caregivers, training, Alzheimer’s Los Angeles

IDEA! Strategy
Caregiver Tip Sheets