2018 NADRC Webinar (April 10, 2018): Trauma Informed Care for People Living with Dementia (weblink/pdf)

2018 NADRC Webinar: April 10, 2018
Trauma Informed Care for People Living with Dementia

Trauma can occur at any point in life as a result of a number of experiences such as war, abuse, neglect or violence. The effects of trauma can be lifelong. As such, trauma-informed care can be used to assist people living with the effects of trauma as they navigate other aspects of life, including living with dementia and caring for someone who has dementia. In this web seminar, principles of trauma-informed care will be discussed as they apply to dementia in Veterans and Holocaust survivors. The web seminar will present resources for applying trauma-informed care principles in various settings.

Presenters: Matthew Yoder and Andrea Korsunsky

Webinar can be accessed at: https://youtu.be/caDMEPW-J6Q

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Also: Veterans, post-traumatic-stress, Holocaust