2018 NADRC Webinar (July 31, 2018): Health Disparities in People Living with and at Risk for Dementia (weblink/pdf)

2018 NADRC Webinar: July 31, 2018
Health Disparities in People Living with and at Risk for Dementia

In this web seminar, Andrea Garr provides an overview of the United Family Caregivers project in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and lessons learned from this project. She also discusses best practices when working in cross-cultural environments with African American caregivers. Dr. Lisa Barnes’ portion of the presentation focuses on disparities in Alzheimer’s dementia and cognitive impairment as it relates to African Americans. She discusses some of the most widely cited reasons for the disparities and describe findings on risk factors for cognitive decline from her cohort study, the Minority Aging Research Study.

Presenters: Dr. Lisa Barnes and Ms. Andrea Garr

Webinar can be accessed at: https://youtu.be/OihOTAxmenA

PLEASE NOTE: Captions will automatically appear on the left side of the screen and the Closed Captioning tab in Youtube will not work.

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